Saturday, 11 February 2017

It's so old Fashioned!!

Welcome dear friends,
One of the benefits of trying to create and make produce at home is the sheer joy it gives as I am preparing it.

I have seriously always preferred to prepare things by hand. I have a few  electrical appliances  but I rarely  use them. Probably the only one I use regularly is my blender. We love making smoothies and they are a regular part of our meals,

But I guess I just have something for good old fashioned manual labour 😊

For years, well all my life really,  I have dreamt of a herd of Jersey cows and the joy of milking them and drinking the milk, churning butter and making cheese.

Along with that I have always wanted an old fashioned butter churn, You know those ones you see, the beautiful wooden ones I read about in books.

So finally after giving up that dream of churning in  that beautiful churn I decided I would rather have the opportunity to hand churn with this  lovely churn rather than not churn at all.

So we have enjoyed making butter with our little butter churn, the children all line up and keep begging for a turn. It's like when I bring out our  hand grain mill or oat roller, I have everyone wanting to have a turn and not always very patiently.

So now this  little gadget is another item in our homesteading adventure. One I am sure we will get great pleasure from for many years.

God Bless,
Stephen and Gae

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