Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome !!

Hello there friends,
This is a new (blog) adventure for us, both Stephen and I will be contributing to this blog, as we share here our journey as a newbie homesteading family.
We have been a country family all our lives and originally  dreamed of living on a 1000 acre property.
Those dreams have become ,um, let us say more realistic for us over the years, as in reality we are never going to be able to have that dream, but we still do dream of owning our own moderate acres to live and grow on that will allow us to live a life of self sufficiency and sustainability.

We hope to share here various information about our journey and other interesting bits an pieces of our small (at the moment) backyard homestead.

Won't you join us and come along for the journey? We truly will be blessed to have you with us!

To start us off we will be sharing old posts from my blog Cherished Hearts At Home

God Bless,
Stephen and Gae

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